Lauren’s Boudoir Experience

September 14, 2022

1. What made you choose Karla Mason Boudoir?
I chose to book with KMB because of her reputation and the quality of her work. Seeing women and couples come from all over the country just to have a photo session with her spoke volumes to me. I knew from seeing countless before and after photos on her pages I wouldn’t be disappointed, and I wasn’t. 

2. What were you nervous about going into your session?
Absolutely not. I’ve been a member of her FB and Instagram pages for a while. I’ve seen her work and watched her videos. Time and time again I saw the quality of her work, heard her voice, and felt like I knew what to expect. I felt welcome from the moment I walked in the door until I left at the end of the session. There were zero surprises or uncomfortable moments for me. None. It was like being with an old friend who I had known for years. 

3. What was your favorite part of the experience?
My favorite part was feeling beautiful, empowered, sexy, and feminine. It’s been a long time since I felt sexy, and seeing myself through her lens really helped me see myself in a much more positive and different light. For that, I’m eternally grateful. 

4. How do you feel now that you’ve completed the session?
I feel even more empowered and sexy than I did before I walked into her home that day. Seeing the pictures come to life has helped me see myself with less of a skeptical eye than I did before. 

5. Would you recommend Karla Mason Boudoir to others?
Without a doubt and a million times YES, YES, YES! 

HMUA: Glam by Jeet

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