"Boudoir, for me, helped me break out my inner goddess more, helped me feel more empowered with not only my appearance for the bedroom, but the confidence in myself. Karla, you're amazing, I love your work, and how meeting and talking with you felt like I've known you forever."


"Boudoir means freedom. Letting go of my insecurities, allowing myself to accept when someone says I'm beautiful, or gives me a compliment. It means when I walk past a mirror I don't look the other way now. It let me fall in love with who I really am, gave me permission to cast away the doubts and  walk with my head high. It unlocked things inside of me I thought died  years ago. I did the shoot as a gift for my husband, but as it turns out, it was the best gift I could have ever given myself."


"The Boudoir Experience helped me realize that my body is stronger that I ever realized. It helped me believe in myself. It has also helped me get through the dark times of my Crohn's disease. I've become more confident, not just in the bedroom, but in all things. I fell in love with myself and who I truly am. I'm a Crohn's Warrior, a daughter, a sister, a best friend, a wife, and a mother. Love you, Karla Mason, for all you have helped me within myself and showing me how beautiful and strong this body of mine is, regardless of it's flaws."


"After having my third child later in life, I am 50 pounds  heavier than I used to be. I watched her page for over a year and saw every body type on this planet. The before and after pics  were jaw dropping. Hubby keeps telling me that no one sees me like I see myself and I wanted to see "me" again. After this, well, I might have gotten a little big for my britches. The session was so comfortable, I felt like I was hanging out with my best friends, trying on clothes. I love how Karla took charge of the clothing, making sure one side wasn't pulled-up too high on one butt cheek. Super encouraging! Who would have thought I would get this excited getting completely naked in front of strangers. I have felt so amazing since. If you are worried about the cost, then don't! I do not have spare cash just laying around, so she set me up on a payment plan. I am able to get every single image this way. By far one of the best things I have ever done for myself!"


"So, for my 30th birthday, I treated myself to my very first boudoir photo shoot. It was such a wonderful experience that made me feel beautiful on the inside and out. Most of them I won't share because they are private but I just wanted to show one so you guys can see how amazing and confident one can be if you just take that leap!"


"I just viewed my photos and cried after seeing them, I have always been negative in how I look and I focus on my flaws on a daily basis. After seeing the photos I was in shock... I thought while driving to Karla's during my lunch break, I already knew I wasn't going to like the photos and had no intentions to buy anything, but she played the slideshow, and then we starting picking out photos I liked, I was shocked and amazed!!! The best feeling in the world to see yourself through someone else's eyes and lens, the way she captured me was stunning!!! Best experience EVER.... she made me feel comfortable and beautiful... I was so depressed about myself I was looking into weight loss surgery because I hate the way I look.....after seeing these photos.... I feel and LOOK BEAUTIFUL and SEXY!! I ordered the 8x8 photo book, 3 metal wall arts that I plan to hang in our closet for ME, the slideshow and mobile app... THANK YOU KARLA for making me feel sexy and beautiful!!!! YOU'RE AMAZING!!!!"


"I know nothing about makeup, fashion, I am super self conscious and like many of us suffer from low self-esteem. I was so nervous on the day of the photo shoot but Karla and Amanda put me at ease right away! Amanda does amazing hair and makeup and that alone made me feel like, okay, I think I can do this. Karla is awesome! She really makes you feel comfortable and she tells you exactly what to do, so you don't feel or look awkward. This was such an amazing experience and has boosted my self confidence. As women we are so hard on our selves, we think that if we don't have a model body / looks, that we can't do anything like this. Well you can!. I am 40 years old, I've had two kids, I have cellulite, my boobs droop, I have a tummy, I don't look like what I did 20 years ago. So if this is something you have been thinking about, DO IT! Thank you so much Karla Mason and Amanda for making me feel beautiful!"


"For me this experience was about loving myself again. Realizing that I'm not all of the images I had in my mind of myself. They were horrible. I realize that I am beautiful in my own skin. I see that in my husband's eyes now (though, it's always been there, I just had a hard time believing it). This experience has been a transformation. Like I finally came out of my  cocoon and now have my butterfly wings. I hope to pass on the love of self to my daughter. I hope she doesn't loath herself the way I once did. I'm glad I did this."

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