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Well, good! I'm here for you in every way to make you feel like the beautiful QUEEN that you are. Whether you've been through hell and back or you're sick and tired of the mom bun and yoga pants, come spend a day with me and I promise to hype you up with all the "YAS GIRL" that your ears can handle. Let your hair down, sip on a mimosa or two and come get naked with me! Totally not intimidating, right? Let's do this!

badass bitch?

are you ready to feel like a

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I specialize in Boudoir photography and Women's Intimate Portraits, servicing Stafford, Virginia. I have a full luxury home studio which means you can show up and we take care of everything! From professional hair and makeup to lingerie, we have it all! That basically means I photograph hot girls in their undies...but why? 

Why would anyone in their right mind come to my house and let me see them in their most vulnerable state? Because you're fed up? You're over feeling like shit about yourself. You want to feel sexy again and prove to yourself and everyone around you that, "HELLO, I'm still here and I'm still fabulous, regardless".

That's just it, regardless of what you've been through or where you plan to go, you deserve this. Put YOURself first and dive into an experience that scares the hell out of you, but deep down inside you know you got it...and I can help you. 


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I believe every woman deserves a beautiful image of herself. Boudoir has given me that drive to prove to all women that they are worth it. Think I can't make you "look like those other girls"? Let me prove your ass WRONG. It's for every body and every women. I embrace all body types into my studio to show you that you can be feminine, sexy and confident! Anyone who has ever felt less than pretty, not skinny enough, too old, too tall...whatever! Let me show you how to feel good about yourself in the body you have now.

Trust that I will guide you every step of the way to bring out that inner beauty that I see in all of you. I don't expect you to walk off the runway and know what to do! That's my job! Just show up, get your hair did, try on some beautiful clothes and RELAX! I got you.

Not only do these images make a great gift for your spouse or loved one, but it's the most important gift is for yourself! Believe in yourself a little bit more.

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I am only 4'11"

We've moved 8 times in 12 years

I use to be a Special Ed. teacher

I'm not a big fan of TV or movies

I'm obsessed with decorating my home

I love anything boho, antique, vintage and colorful

I grew up in VA and graduated from Radford University

it will inspire others.

Don't be ashamed of your story,

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My VIP Group was made for women wanting to learn more about a boudoir experience for themselves! This is geared towards potential clients and past clients. I will be sharing my photography in this private group, along with the occasional Boudie Call and other business specials! My goal is for every woman to see how beautiful they truly are.

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"My first and BEST boudoir experience ever!!! The confidence that I have re-found in myself is priceless. I cannot thank Karla enough for helping bring My Sexy Back!"  - Carrianne

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love it for everything it is.

Your body is the only thing that
has been with you through it all;

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*Due at the time and date of choosing

Individual session fee / $450
Couples Session Fee / $500

 Booking your experience requires a Session Fee that includes:

• Booking your session with an optional in-person consultation
• Preparation and planning for your photo shoot lasting up to 2 hours
• Professional hair & make-up provided for your session
• Access to my boudoir closet 
• Signature editing of your images
• Personal viewing & ordering session
• The opportunity to change the way you see yourself 

I bet you're wondering how to get this party started, aren't you?
Don't worry, you're in the right place!

Hello Beautiful!


All prints and products are sold separately at your viewing and ordering session. Products and albums begin at $1800 and collections begin at $2500. Some people stay around that minimum price and some spend more, but EVERYONE gets an option for payment plan to pay them off at your convenience.

Damn, wasn't expecting it to be that price? That's ok! I understand that your experience is an investment and offer several payment plan options. This way you can pay off your products slowly, however your budget allows. If you're not in a time-crunch to get your photos, you can always do a payment plan through me.

Can't wait? I have a couple of awesome companies that will allow you to get your products now and pay them off slowly, from 6-12 month payment options. WHEW, that's a relief, huh?

Once you decide on this amazing experience for yourself, complete the contact form below and I will be in touch with you to set up your phone consult. During our call, we'll go over the whole process together, including pricing and the amazing payment plans. Your session will only be confirmed once you select a date and pay your booking fee. From there, we will start the personalized boudoir experience with your very own boudoir prep guide, where we go over everything on how to prepare! I can't wait to hear from you! 



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