Avery’s Experience

April 12, 2021

1. What made you choose Karla Mason Boudoir?

 I chose Karla Mason Boudoir because a good friend Megan Chapman did a bridal package and she showed me her prints! They were so stunning and she looked so gorgeous that I definitely wanted to have that experience.

2. What were you nervous about going into your session?

I was most nervous about my body shape and how I would look going in. I am a little self conscious and being in a room nearly naked with someone can be a bit daunting.

3. What was your favorite part of the experience?

My favorite part of the experience was definitely Karla’s hype. She made me feel amazing! She coached me through each pose and I felt so confident and sexy!

4. How do you feel now that you’ve completed the session?

Honestly, I feel so proud of myself that I did it! I feel that I really pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I used to feel that I shouldn’t do something like this unless I “lost weight” but no. I don’t. I look amazing and I feel amazing.

5. Would you recommend Karla Mason Boudoir to others?

 I would recommend Karla Mason Boudoir 100%. I think everyone should get the chance to have such an opportunity! It was so liberating and confidence boosting. Plus it was a major treat yourself! I turned 30 this year and I felt that it was time to show a little love to myself and I think anyone for any reason at all should show a little love to themselves too!

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