Vera’s Boudoir Experience

January 7, 2021

1. What made you choose Karla Mason Boudoir?

I chose Karla Mason Boudoir after seeing a few friends pictures on their instagram stories. They looked absolutely stunning and I had always wanted to give boudoir a try but never thought it would come out so nice until I saw real people I knew. I clicked on her IG profile immediately and saw so many shapes, sizes, and skin tones. I knew she was the one. I loved the diversity I saw in Karla‘s portfolio which meant she was familiar with not just one body type or skin tone she can make anyone’s shoot magazine worthy.

2. What were you nervous about going into your session?

I am no model. What if I get a break out? Will I nail the pose or look like a “deer in headlights”? I had to just trust the process and make sure I communicated all of this to Karla. I let her know first thing, tell me if I’m not giving the look I think I am. Luckily, we didn’t even have any of these “what if” problems I had played out in my mind. She took control and helped out in all aspects and showed a few immediate shots to boost my confidence and let me see just how amazing I was doing. Her music selection also helps you get into character. The music is fun but makes you feel like a bad bitch at the same time. It’s not all sexy slow song-ish I think that’s creepy. It gives, yes I’m that bad bitch vibes so you can let loose and go for it. Really come off reserve for once and know that NOW is not the time to be all “church mother”, but instead be sexy, tasteful, and classy. Plus your makeup and hair already has you feeling yourself before you walk into the studio or put the first outfit on.

3. What was your favorite part of the experience?

Seeing the photographs at all stages, raw and edited. I really swear I could not believe that was me looking so damn bomb! I felt accomplished, grown, sexy, and capable. I already like me as I am but this made me fall more in love with all that I am. I really got to see my body in a different light. I mean how many times have you just looked at yourself at so many angles?  In the questionnaire, Karla also asked, what features do you want to highlight? I named a few because I love a lot about me. Plus, I know my angles…mmmmkay.

4. How do you feel now that you’ve completed the session?

I did this boudoir shoot as a 30th birthday gift to myself. It was everything I needed to feel as a now 30 year old grown ass woman, who loves herself and loves feeling not just sexy but beautiful. I truly feel like I can do anything I want to as long as I am confident in it and I plan it out with the right team behind me. I definitely feel like I had the best people in my corner by choosing Karla Mason Boudoir to head this shoot.

5. Would you recommend Karla Mason Boudoir to others?

Yes! Absolutely, I have already gotten so many messages asking who did my shoot after posting a few classy and tasteful photos after picking up my digital collection. I think every woman needs to experience this at some point in her life. I feel like this solidifies womanhood. Really owning and taking credit for all that you are. I know I am making this sound like a revelation but it truly is great for you to do. I waited until I felt like a woman. Someone who was ready to become all that a women exudes in her life and what better way to capture the very essence of a real woman than on film? I just want to thank Karla for her amazing gift she shared with me during this shoot. Her talent and passion for this business made my shoot what it is. I cannot say enough nice things about her and all she stands for.

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