Jasmine Boudoir Experience

December 11, 2019

1. What made you choose Karla Mason Boudoir?

I had been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot for a long time, but never thought that I would look good in photos like that. I began following different photographers in VA and came across Karla and fell in love with her work. I saw women of every size, shape, and color women who looked like me and I instantly knew if I was going to go to anyone for this shoot it would be Karla. I could see how amazing she made women feel and I wanted to experience that.
2. What were you nervous about going into your session?

EVERYTHING! I almost talked myself out of it I was so nervous.  The thought of walking around in  lingerie with a woman I barley knew was daunting… a thought I got over very quickly.  But as soon as I walked in I knew I was in good hands.

3. What was your favorite part of the experience?

My favorite part of my experience was how I felt coming out of it. I left Karla feeling like a queen and the sexiest woman walking the planet, something that I never ever thought I would experience. The entire shoot she hyped the hell out of me and made me feel amazing! I left called my husband and said you are taking me out tonight no questions asked my man! But honestly more that anything else I could truly feel my worth and exuded so much confidence I wanted to see Karla once a week to keep this feeling going. And when I saw the final product I WAS SHOOK! I couldn’t believe that it was me in those photos and was so incredibly happy that I did this.

4. How do you feel now that you’ve completed the session?

Amazing! I’ve changed in ways, I love myself more than ever and I have Karla to thank for that. She is more than a photographer is truly become your friend and its amazing. I would do this 100 times more… I have my next shoot scheduled for 2020 in fact!

5. Would you recommend Karla Mason Boudoir to others?

OH HELL YES! I want to scream GO SEE KARLA from the rooftops. I have sent several friends over to her so confident that they will love every moment like I did. Karla’s dedication to her clients has made me a client of hers forever. I will continue to recommend her until people tell me to shut the hell up, and even then I’ll continue!


HMUA: Glam by Jeet 

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