Jessica Parks’ Boudoir Experience

August 27, 2019

“There’s a time every woman’s life where we forget our identity. We allow having children define our body. We allow breakups to control our mind. We allow rumors and bad things consume us. We forget who we are. This year has been full of highs and a lot of lows. I’ve made decisions I wasn’t proud of, hurt people I shouldn’t , drank myself to a coma and simply got wrapped in so much negativity. That “Jessica” was someone I didn’t know. That friend, that sister that mother was a girl I didn’t know. Me and depression become best friends. I found myself in bed for days on end. I lost my passion for things that once fueled me and simply found no purpose in my life anymore. I knew my story wasn’t over, this was just the longest and hardest chapter of the book but I knew I had to keep reading.

When Karla announced me as the winner of her 10k giveaway I was SHOCKED. I was so excited and deathly terrified at the same time. After the first click of her camera I felt myself come back to life. I felt sexy again, confident and more importantly I felt like the Jessica that everyone loved and knew. These pictures show passion, pain and redemption. It speaks to my soul and reminds me who I AM. I’m a strong woman, despite any mistakes I have made. I’m a damn good mother. I’m an amazing friend and partner. I’m here living breathing proof that no storm last forever and that life is worth living, always. So if you take anything from this post, please know that God makes no mistakes and you are worthy, just as I am.” – Jessica


HMUA: Glam by Jeet

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