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The Right Body for Boudoir

June 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hey All! I'm here to touch base on a little topic that has been brought up recently with my clients and women interested in boudoir. Is my body right for boudoir? Well, I think we know the answer...YES! DUH! OF COURSE! But for some women they don't feel that way. They feel that since their body is "bigger" and they don't feel "attractive" that they can't do a boudoir shoot for themselves. I get it, we all feel some type of way about our bodies, but I can tell you that 99% of the women that have walked through my door had SOME concern with how they would look. Whether is was the size of their body, their face and if it would look sexy enough or the blemishes on their skin because it wasn't "perfect", we all have some type of battle that we're fighting with ourselves. It's normal. It's ok and you're not alone.

Recently though I was asked, "Have you ever shot someone of my size?" She said she was a size 14 (or 1X). As much as I hate labels and putting women into a category, yes of course I had photographed women of her "size"! Clearly she hasn't stalked me enough ;) Now, another interesting request was to put together a  spread of curvy women I had photographed since she wasn't relating to the women I was showing recently. Ok. I get it. I think we all know that she's just wanting to see some curvy ladies rock their session, because she's afraid that I won't be able to make HER look that good. Again. I don't like putting women into a certain "category" based on their body type but I think it's a legit question and concern.

"Can you make ME look good?" Again, the answer is yes! I can no matter what size you are. With the proper lingerie, posing and lighting I can make ALL women look and feel amazing. You just have to trust me and simply follow directions. That's it. I always say, if you can follow my directions, you're going to do great. For every session I'm SHOWING you the poses, I'm moving your body where I want it to go and I'm capturing the beautiful parts of YOUR body. So, if you can trust the process of what I do I would love to show you that your body, not matter what shape, size or imperfection, is the right body for boudoir. 

Now, lets get down to their real question. Can I photograph a women of size 1X or above to make them look good? I'll let you be the judge of that. Starting from my first year of boudoir in 2016, I've put together some images of gorgeous curvy women that rocked their sessions. I'm sure I missed some ladies but I did this quick and it's Sunday, so. 

 Just as all of my ladies do, they left feeling confident in knowing that their bodies are sexy and capable of many things. You just have to jump in feet first and know that you're in good hands here. 

If you are interested in a session with me I would love to invite you to my Ladies Only VIP Group on Facebook. I post images there the MOST, but you can also follow my Instagram and visit my portfolio here on the website! 


Karla Mason


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