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Christina's Boudoir Experience

February 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Christina came to visit me wanting to do something out of her comfort zone! I love when you guys push your fears aside and decide to go for it. Being nervous is totally normal and expected when you're doing an experience like this. We all have these fears that we won't look "good enough" or look like the other girls, but that's just that. You're not going to look like the other girls. You're going to look like you...and that makes you special and different and beautiful! Never compare your journey to someone else. You're on the right path for YOU so don't get tangled up in trying to be someone you're not. Embrace who you are at this time in your life and accept that you're perfect just the way that you are! Self-love is a journey and we're all on different paths. Here is just a little look into Christina's experience! Enjoy...

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