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Catrina's Boudoir Experience

May 17, 2017  •  1 Comment

1. What was your favorite part of the experience?

When we went from wearing clothes to going nude! I was really surprised how comfortable I felt.

2. What were you afraid of coming into the experience?

I was afraid of the whole process in being half nude in front of you. I was worried I wasn't going to look good. I see something different and it was nice to see myself through someone else's eyes. Looking at the photos was such a confidence boost. 

3. What would you tell others about doing this for themselves?

I would tell them you have to do it at least one time in your life. It's so liberating so it's definitely a must in your life! 

4. What did you think of your reveal?

Absolutely AMAZING! 

5. How do you feel about yourself now that you did it?

My confidence is souring! I'm on a high from the whole experience. I know I'm awesome and I want to show everyone how amazing I am! Such a confidence boost! 


She is extremely beautiful. Amazing body, shots, lighting, and that hair! I think there was definitely a few photos that would be best of 17' for sure.
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