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Model Releases

February 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hello Friends! I just wanted to have a quick chat about model releases and what they are and how they are important to your boudoir experience. I actually don't work with real models at all. My clients are women like yourself wanting that boost of confidence in their lives that was otherwise missing. Some of my clients are moms that want to feel sexy again and others are single women looking to feel beautiful for themselves. Whatever your reason is for having a boudoir experience, I want you to feel comfortable with me sharing (or not sharing) your images. I always have my ladies sign a model release stating how they would like their images shared. Here are the 3 choices they get and what they mean for you:

1. Full Model Release: YES! You can share any of my images online

     - This option is for those clients that are excited to show their images to the world ;) Literally! When a client picks this option she is happy knowing that ANY image from her session will be shared in my private, Ladie's Only VIP group, Karla Mason Boudoir business page, Instagram and Blog! They will be used in advertising, marketing and any other place where my images are featured! 


2. Partial Model Release: Yes, you can share my images but only those where my face is not showing. Meaning detail shots and anonymous photos. 

     - This option is just as it states. Your images will be shown in the above locations but only those where the client remains anonymous. 


3. No Release: No, I do not want any of my images online.

     - No thanks! These clients prefer to keep their images for themselves or their loved ones only. NEVER are their images shared on the web for any reason. They are purchased by the client and delivered to them through gorgeous products...never to be seen by your eyes, unless they decide to post them themselves. This option is perfectly OK to do! I just want you to feel 100% satisfied with the safety of your photos!


Whichever decision you make I just want you to be proud of the experience you just had with me. Some women prefer for show them off while others prefer to be more private with their images. No option is better than the other. Just know your images are safe with me. If for any reason a client wants their images off the web, I will be happy to do so! In the case where a "Boudie Call" client books a discounted session where a full model release is required, she may change her model release after paying the remaining balance of her booking fee. My Boudie Call clients are booking because they are fulfilling a particular look for Karla Mason Boudoir. One of the requirements that everyone is aware of BEFORE booking, is that they must sign a full model release for the discounted price. They go forward with the session knowing their gorgeous images will be shared on the web...but if for some reason this becomes an issue after the session takes place, I will be happy to take them down per our agreement. Never do I want my clients to feel ashamed or embarrassed if they change their minds about their images, so don't be afraid to come to me with a concern! I'm here for you in any way I can help! Thank you to ALL my wonderful clients for trusting me with their experience, it truly means the world to me!


xoxo - Karla 


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