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Stephanie Paige Makeup Artist

December 15, 2017  •  1 Comment

Have you been seeing this beautiful girl lately in my VIP Group and Instagram? Well, as we get busier and busier I've decided to add in another makeup artist to  make my team even better! Stephine found me on Instagram, we met up and she did a trial run on the beautiful Carrianne (see her other blog here with makeup by Glam by Jeet). She did such an amazing job that I decided to add her to the team! I'm so excited to have her help out and I know you guys will love her too! Here is a little more about StephinePaigeMUA: 

Tell us a little about you! Where are you from? How long have you lived in Stafford, Virginia?

Hello everyone ! My name is Stephine Rogers. I am from Southern California, born and raised. I worked a lot in LA and Vegas doing makeup since I was 19! I went from working at Mac cosmetics to freelancing on my own doing makeup from night out, body paint/special Fx, wedding, celeb and makeup for a movie. I kept the hair to freelance. I moved to stafford VA because my husband work travels every 5-10 years.

I have been married to my husband for 4 years now but we are highschool sweethearts since i was 16! (I’m 25 almost 26 now

Together now we have 2 beautiful boys, ages 3 years and the other 8 months.

How long have you been doing makeup and hair?

I went to cosmetology when I was 16 actually, my highschool had a program where I was able to leave school & go to cosmo. Then I started making it a career when I was 19-20.

What attracted you to start your business?

This business is everything to me. It was the one field that really drove me & inspired me. To make someone feel beautiful is such an amazing thing. I remember the day I knew this would for sure going to be my life long career is when I did a ladies makeup and when I finished I pulled the mirror up for her to see the end result and she began to cry so much, then said “i have never felt so beautiful before thank you”

What do you feel is the most important facial feature to accentuate?

Lashes, the longer/fuller the better!

Flat Iron or Curling Wand?

Curling wand for the win!

What is the best tip for creating the best curl for fine hair?

I as well have fine hair, my biggest tip is to use a curling wand and grab chunks of hair, keep them together rather than spreading the hair flat, Pin the hair with a bobby pin, spray, set, then you will have long lasting bouncy curls

What is your favorite hair styling product?

Definitely a curling wand would be my favorite styling product.

Favorite Starbucks drink?

Girllll, my favorite Starbucks drink will be a surprise to maybe a lot of people loll I like Passion tea lemonade with half the sweetener. Yup, no caffeine and tarte as ever. Haha

What is your favorite candy/sweets?

My favorite candy/sweets would have to be the “So Delicious” ice cream, in any flavor. Haha your girl loves ice cream.

What is the one thing you're most looking forward to this year with Karla Mason Boudoir?

So many things. Friendship, her beautiful photos and making people feel beautiful through doing their makeup and hair.

photo from left to right: Stephine Paige, Karla Mason Boudoir and Glam by Jeet 

What is the best way for people to contact you? Put all your contact info here!

The best way is by Phone: 702-606-1922

But here is all my other ways of contacting or interacting with me! Let’s chat!

Email: stephinepaige@gmail.com

Instagram: StephinePaigeMua

Twitter: StephinePaige

YouTube: Stephinepaigemua

*NEW* Facebook page: Stephinepaigemua Go give her some likes! 

Last but not least, what is something many people don't know about you?

I am a pretty open book but one thing many people that don’t already know me personally, don’t know about me would have to be I don’t eat meat or dairy and I also started buying only cruelty free makeup brands. I stopped when I was 23 & I am 25 now.

Now, let's get down to the good stuff. Let's check out the boudoir session with her makeup skills...


Check out her makeup skills with the gorgeous Bobbie HERE


I am obsessed!!! All the straps, those red lips and lashes are Fire!!!!
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