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Shelby & Cameron - Couples Boudoir

November 10, 2017  •  3 Comments

Get ready to clutch your pearls everyone! This was my first ever couples boudoir experience and as you can see it was HOT! Just a few things for all you side eyed peepers: 

NO you don't have to get naked and NO there is no penetration, this is not porn. These are INTIMATE portraits between two people vs. one. Real, in love couples documenting their love for each other. Being able to have a peek into their lives is amazing and nothing to be shy about! Being sexual with your partner is not negative and is not taboo over here. I love being able to document love in all forms...via self love with woman and couples. The #1 fear with men is that they will get "excited", you probably won't. It's too directional and posed for all that. But if you do...oh well, we'll work around that  No biggie! If you're interested just email me. Your images DO NOT need to be shown online...that is always an option for all my clients. These hotties just decided to be brave and share their experience with you all.  Aren't they stunning?

Hair and makeup by Glam by Jeet


So freaking hot!!!!
These are great! You’re right too good not to share.
GURL! These are HOT! Omfg
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