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Lyndsey's Boudoir Experience

November 11, 2017  •  1 Comment

Lyndsey contacted us awhile back to see whether or not Glam by Jeet had experience doing makeup on those suffering from alopecia and trichotillomania last year! Jeet takes pride in her education through the Dress Your Face courses where they specifically did training on brows and creating them from scratch for clients that have no hair. Here is what Lyndsey thought about her hair and makeup experience: 

"I am not sure I have ever felt so beautiful. Thank you for making me feel so confident, and being so amazing! I have a hard time talking about these issues, but talking to you and Karla was as easy as talking to my best girlfriends. You are amazing!"

"Sometimes in life you have to step way outside your comfort zone for true inner growth. Today I did something that I wasn't ever sure if have the guts to do. Thank you to the amazing Karla Mason and Jeet Bahra. Today was everything I could have ever dreamed of and so much more. Insecurities don't define me anymore."

"You ladies have done so much for me... I did this because I needed to push myself a little... and I wanted to see myself as more than a yoga pants messy bun, Starbucks cup, minivan driving mom. This picture ignited something inside me. I am so thankful.. #insecuritiesdontdefinemeanymore"

"I can't explain to you what doing this has done for me. It's so much more than beautiful pictures. I truly believe you have set free something that was burning to get out. There just are not words to express how thankful I am to have had this experience. You are amazing!"

"You will never know what this has done for me!!"

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Beautiful! Fierce! Gorgeous!!!!
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