Memphis in November-UPDATED

August 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hello beautiful people! 

      When I started my boudoir journey back in Tennessee, I never expected it to take off the way it did! I got to photograph and meet so many amazing women in my small little town where we lived for only 2.5 years. But, such is the Navy life where you have to up and move when they now I'm here in Virginia where we're slowly getting settled. Since our move happened so quickly I wasn't able to fit everyone in that wanted a boudoir session before I left. Time was limited and I wanted to make sure everyone got the full experience before the craziness of moving started. I have such a soft spot for my Tennessee ladies, who made this journey possible, so I'm opening up Memphis session this November! I'll be traveling back, just for you guys! I'll be renting out a beautiful space in downtown Memphis at the Sheraton Hotel, where we'll have gorgeous views of the city! My fabulous and always reliable hair and makeup artist, Amanda McKinney will be doing all the glamour makeovers for the sessions! If you or a friend would like to book in one of these spots, please feel free to message me at to book in.






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