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August 04, 2016  •  2 Comments

Hey beautiful people! It's been such a long time and I'm having boudoir withdrawals ;) For those of you that don't know, my family and I have moved from Tennessee to Virginia last Friday (July 29th). Not only are we moving to a new state (closer to family, yay!) but we bought our first house! For anyone that has bought a house before, it's a TON of work. Luckily I have my dad here who is the handiest of all handy men and my husband. We have been doing back-to-back projects and I haven't had a second to have a normal routine. I'm so thankful that I'm able to have a legit office and studio now IN my home. I just got my office in order as much as I can and my computer got turned on today! I don't know how people can run a business from their phones, but it was driving me crazy ;) I love being able to have a place to sit and get everything done at once, don't you?

I don't plan on holding any sessions until my kids are in school...and for this area that isn't until September 6th (yikes)! BUT in the meantime I'm hoping to meet and book some new ladies here in Stafford, Virginia and surrounding areas! I can't wait to show these ladies how important it is to make time for themselves and have this amazing experience. In between home improvements and visiting family, I'm going to stay active on my Ladies Only VIP group as well as Instagram and Facebook, so don't forget to follow me there! I've been a horrible photographer and haven't taken very many before/after photos of the house, but here are just a few if you're interested! Thanks for sticking with me during this crazy time where I'm not on my normal schedule, but I can't wait to get things started in VA! 



p.s. sorry for my boring cell phone pictures :P


We ended up picking #5 wall color for the main floor. It's Sherwin Williams Grayish. The second photo is a stock photo of the light going above the kitchen sink. the 3rd photo is an outdoor light for the back porch and the last photo is the NEW dining room light my husband and dad installed yesterday (obsessed) with our new paint color!

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A few of the textiles going in my home! This cute aloe plant was as gift from my sweet neighbor in Tennessee before I left (and it made the 14 hour drive). I love a good plant you can't kill because I'm the worst. The middle top rug is in my living room ;) I got it from Wayfair for a KILLER deal. The runner that my pitiful dog is laying on was found here in VA at TJMaxx (my favorite store EVER), the bottom left rug is coming from Joss & Main, it's life and it's going somewhere in my home, just not sure yet. The bottom middle rug is in my new office...it also breaths life into my soul. The last photo is just an adorable photo of my kiddos eating on the new deck (mainly because the kitchen table is covered with crap).


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A little before and after of my office space...it's still a work in progress and needs wall art hung, but I'm SOOOOOOOO happy to have a space of my own to work! It even has two doors that I can close and ignore the rest of the house.....also obsessed. The amazing desk is from Amazon. I put it together myself and it's everything and more! 

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The last but not least is my kitchen, which is still a work in progress as we speak. My husband is putting together a kitchen island we bought from Ikea (be jealous Tennessee friends) and my dad is sanding the cabinets so we can paint them white! I bought a new stainless steel refrigerator, stove and microwave that were installed two days ago! I'm feel SUPER grown up and so adult like! We got our appliances at Lowes and they are the Frigidaire Gallery line. 

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YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!! I am so happy you are back in VA and I am loving all of your house updates...Congrats to you and Mike!!! Sooo very exciting! We'll have to plan to get together when the dust settles to celebrate "propa" xoxoxo
Jennifer Cipolla(non-registered)
OMG girl, I am soo excited for you! Looks like everything is coming along great and I love the grey color you picked! Can't wait to see more pictures!
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