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July 08, 2016  •  1 Comment

Hey everyone! As I sit here editing some gorgeous images from my last session, it dawned on me that many of you may be wondering how or why I do the posing that I do. Or maybe not, whatever, just keep reading ;) Here are a few basics that I tell my clients at their session.

First off, and this is me clearly stating the obvious, no two women are the same. We can replicate a pose you've seen previously but please for the love of all that's holy know that it won't look exactly the same. Even if I TRY and do the same pose, which believe me, I have about 6-8 poses I do with EVERYONE, they never look the same. Your curves are different. Your legs are longer, shorter, thinner, thicker. Your chest is a different size. Your waist is not like everyone else. Everybody is different. Every BODY is different...and this is why I LOVE my job. It's different every single time.

My goal is to get you long and lean. Arching of ALL the things is important and you'll hear me say this several times. Arching to me means, chest up as high as it'll go, push your bottom out, ARCHING the back, arching the head, chin to the sky. These are prompts you'll hear me say a lot. Separate your legs, bring one up more than the other, lay your legs down, point your toes,  part your lips, breathe through your mouth! It sounds like I'm giving you 15 different things to do at one time because I actually am. Don't look at me unless I tell you to. 90% of  your images will be with your eyes closed, but it's what I'm looking for. Intimate, suggestive, emotional  images to show you another side of yourself that you don't see very often. You see yourself in a mirror or strategically perfect "selfie" all of the time. The images I'm creating will make you see yourself differently and my goal is to make you look your best.

I've studied a lot about posing and being such a visual person, I won't really know what I'm going to do with you until I see you move in person. All of the poses are being held for several seconds as I shoot ALL the angles ;) It can be difficult, it's a workout and everyone is sweating, but I make you look good. That's my job. Don't worry too  much about posing because I'm here to help you. That's part of what I love to do. It's my job and I'm passionate about it. You may feel silly or awkward or uncomfortable but just trust me. If you're not sore the next day, I failed ;) Just kidding. I like to joke that my posing is like Boudoir Yoga, because it pretty much is. Drinks lots of water and stretch before your session, you'll thank me later, or hate me, one of the two!




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