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June 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Whoops! I kind of dropped the ball this week on my lingerie blog. My kids are out of school for the summer so my days are blending together ;) Better late than never is how we're gonna wing this! haha. I have been thinking a lot about what would make me feel comfortable during a session and that means thinking about what I want to hide. I think it's important to accentuate the areas of your body that you and your partner LOVE, so that means dressing up the rest! I hear that a lot of women do not like their stomachs, whether it's from having kids or dramatic weight losses. These high waisted lingerie pieces are a great way to hide any "problem areas" you may have in your mid-section. They look great paired with a matching bra or topless for a great implied photo (check out last weeks blog about implied photos). When I'm shopping in stores or online, I look for high waisted pieces that have details and sheer fabrics in the back. Some bottoms can make you look like you have "mom butt" and we don't want that! haha! You also want to make sure they are high enough and not cutting you off in the wrong spot. Make sure the bottoms are right above your belly button or right under your bra line. The key to any lingerie item is to TRY IT ON. It may look better on your body than it does online or in the store. Don't be afraid to order something online and return it when it doesn't work out. Yandy is a great website where you literally get your lingerie within 2 days! Their items run a tad small so get the next size up. If you ever want to go shopping locally with me, I'd love to come help you with your lingerie choices. Just get what you feel confident in and that will radiate through your photographs. Happy shopping ladies!


High Waisted Bottoms


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