Wear it Wednesdays - Implied nude photos

May 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Good Wednesday morning everyone! I'm so excited to be talking about implied nude lingerie this morning. You may think that implied nude means no lingerie but it actually does! For me, I find my images the most sensual when my client choses to wear only a bra or only underwear. Although you can't see "anything" the fact that you know a piece of lingerie is missing seems so sexy to me! There is still something left to the imagination but it's a simple and liberating way show off your beautiful body! And let's face it, after you hang out with someone with "no knickers", like my friend Allison says, we become best friends :P 

When shopping for the perfect bra and underwear, fit is extremely important. Make sure that the area around the arm pit is smooth and you're not spilling out of the top. The center of the bra should rest flat against your breast plate and the fit should be tight, but not constricting. As for underwear, choose one that makes you feel sexy keeping in mind that they are not too tight. If you ever decide to treat yourself to a boudoir experience with me, please consider one of these implied portions for your session, you won't be disappointed. 

**every bra in this collage can be purchased by just simply clicking on your favorite! They range from $15-90** You're welcome ;)






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