Misty's Boudoir Experience

April 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Good Sunday morning everyone! How have you all been? It's been awhile since we last talked, but I sure have been busy booking some amazing boudoir shoots! The latest session that I did was with my fabulous friend Misty! We know each other from our local bunco group as well as our local MOPS group. Misty currently celebrated her 40th birthday in March and I approached her about doing her very own boudoir session for her birthday! 40 and Fabulous is what we called it and it could not have been a better fit. Misty was exactly the woman I was looking for. Someone that was gorgeous and didn't even know it. What surprised me the most during our session was the fact that Misty told me she had never felt pretty. She was so funny after getting her hair and makeup done because she couldn't even believe that was her looking back in the mirror. She never wears makeup so my amazing artist Amanda gave her a look that was totally her! As an avid runner Misty wanted to incorporate some of the images with her running gear and really personalize it for her husband. She chose one of the most popular items, the leather "little black book".  She gifted the album to her husband as a surprise, but most importantly she did this session for herself. It's something that NOBODY expected, not even her husband. I loved how confident Misty was after doing her session and I was blown away by her beautiful images. It was so fun to see her reaction! It really solidified the fact that THIS is what I'm suppose to be doing. THIS is why I work so hard in my business because THIS is the experience that everyone deserves. Thank you Misty for allowing me to share your journey into loving yourself the way that we all love you!


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