Panty Club

December 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hello Beautiful Ladies (and gents)! This year I started my new panty club for my clients! I knew I wanted to do something to celebrate their birthdays and give them the push to have their experience for themselves...not for someone else. I don't want anyone feeling like they can't have a boudoir experience because they have no one to gift their products to. That's not the case at all. Many times ladies start out with a special someone in mind when they book their session and afterwards they find it's actually the self-esteem boost they deserved! You absolutely DON'T need someone special in your life to enjoy these images, you are special enough. It's not vein or conceited to WANT to feel good again. It's actually exactly what the soul needs. Treat yourself better this year...want to join in on the panty club? It's simple. Just book your boudoir experience during your birthday month and pick out your favorite panty from my collection at your viewing and ordering session! Are you ready to book your session? Just contact me's never too early to book in your date!



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