New Year, New YOU!

December 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Have you ever waited until the last minute and always get the shit end of the stick? I know I have...plenty of times. Whatever lies you're telling yourself about having your own experience; you're not good enough, you can't be sexy, you need to loose 10 lbs, you're not pretty like the other girls...STOP. 2017 is your year and you don't even know it yet. Let me help you on your journey of self love and acceptance. It's time to stop putting yourself last and start putting yourself first. As women we try and fit into this mold of what we believe to be acceptable. Screw that, what makes YOU happy? Whatever it is, do that. 

One of my goals this year is to do more of what makes me happy...and that means traveling more, alone. Not because I'm being selfish and want to be away from my family, but I feel that it's what I personally need. I love this job. I love what it's teaching me and I'm forever wanting to learn more. I want to soak up every opportunity to be a better person and photographer for you. This means that I'll be traveling to better my business with AMAZING workshops taught by some of the best women/men in the industry. Allowing myself to fully focus on what it means to take this journey along with you all. There is so much to learn about myself that will help you all as well. I can't fix everything for you with one boudoir's just not possible, but I can hold your hand along the way and make it better. I'm going to learn all the tools to make that possible. I know that you're worth it and I know I am too. 

Have I been told no? That I will fail? That I can't do it? Sure. I think we all get knocked down a little when we try to better ourselves, sometimes from the most important people in our lives...but that's where you come in. Put your blinders on, tune them out and talk to YOU, what do you want? What do you think is good for YOU and YOUR life? There is compromise along the way but never step off the path of your goals. Make them and crush all of them...all year long. 

I'm challenging you right now. All you last minute "scared" ladies that have been creeping the page, this is for YOU! I challenge you to face those fears and put yourself first for once. Know that you're enough to have this wonderful experience where you get to take YOUR life back. Don't do it for someone else, do this for you! Don't wait around for the "right time" because we all know that doesn't exist! Do it scared! New Year, New YOU 


*offer expires December 31st at 11:59pm!

*new Virginia clients only OR any lady willing to travel to me this year! 

*cannot be combined with any other offer

*session must be held in January or February ONLY! DO IT 

*prints & products sold separately


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