Tushie Tuesdays

October 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

What are these glorious Tushie Tuesdays you've been seeing from me? Not that anyone is complaining (haha) but this is why I post them. Not only does it give me consistency with posting to social media, which I love, but plain and simple, I adore bragging on my clients. So many of these ladies have come to me broken, scared and terrified of what has become of their bodies. Whether it's motherhood that changed their figure or just the ol' dreaded "getting older" and busier lifestyle that has changed, these ladies have trusted that I'll show them they are still sexy! Every session is like a mission for me. Have them leave feeling better than when they came in and get one...or two...or three amazing booty shots, because let's be honest, who doesn't love a good tushie shot? Does everyone want a tushie shot for their session? Nope, but that's ok! I take the images that make my clients feel confident and proud to say, "That's ME!" So, with that being said...enjoy these glorious tushies today and every Tuesday until forever.






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